Making videos from A to Z

Tell us where, when and how, and we will make a beautiful video to highlight your nautical event, an exceptional site, or a site whose evolution deserves to be recorded. We have good ideas … Do you need a specific format for advertising, or a full HD web format, or a 4K cinema broadcast? We make tailor-made for each of our customers.

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Broadcast your events on all screens

We allow you to broadcast live images on all media. A giant screen, televisions, and even a web page dedicated to your event so that everyone can enjoy the show wherever they are. Giant screen, tv, tablets & amp; smartphones, Youtube, Facebook, Periscope, etc …

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360 ° VIDEO

Achieving 360 ° video

Have you ever seen a video in a new and unpublished format? The 360 ° video is all new, it allows you to film all around, allowing you to move your point of view where you want it. Imagine yourself aboard a skiff, a car or a drone, watch the 360 video with your immersion system, or just on your tablet. Dare the 360 °

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